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How to Publish a Quality Newsletter

Sending a monthly or quarterly newsletter is a great way to reach your current customers, or even gain some interest from potential customers. However, no matter what industry you’re in, before hitting the “send” button there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

First, think about the content of the newsletter itself. Are you simply regurgitating standard or generic content you’ve seen from others in your industry? If so, why would a reader be compelled to open that newsletter amidst a sea of others in their inbox? It’s important to craft quality content yourself, or delegate that task to an assistant working closely with you.

Not sure what kind of content to write about this month? Think about the common questions you hear from current or potential customers. Chances are, these are the types of questions many people are seeking the answers to. But, don’t blandly answer these questions; you can better relate to people by telling a story about how your company solved that particular problem.

Finally, be sure to use some compelling images in your newsletter. Try to steer clear of boring stock photos and use your own images. These could be photos of staff members, completed projects, or your current inventory and products.

Want to know more? Listen to my podcast on this very topic, so you can make sure you’re sending a newsletter that stands out from the crowd.

Liz Hersh

I'm the founder of Hersh PR and Marketing, a boutique digital marketing agency. Our work helps companies grow leads and increase revenue.

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