In a few short years, the internet has drastically changed how companies advertise and market their services.  Companies used to rely on ‘interruptive’ messages to convince consumers about the value of their product or service.  But over time, consumers started to ignore these messages by tuning them out, or cutting them out completely.

With easy access to information, consumers seek solutions to their problems on their own time – not during a commercial break from their favorite TV show.  The digital experience a consumer has with your company is often the first and most important interaction.

Companies that have embraced digital marketing are well equipped to interact with and delight these consumers – meaning their websites are an effective lead generation tool that brings in new business.

Law firms have been slower to embrace digital media for a variety of reasons.  Many still rely on traditional advertising and word-of-mouth marketing.  If you want your law practice to thrive, you must implement a digital marketing strategy that aligns with the way consumers find information.

As you develop your strategy, consider how the internet has changed law firm advertising:

The internet has made marketing and advertising interactive

Marketing and advertising used to be a one-way street, with companies bombarding consumers with their message.  There wasn’t an easy way for consumers to provide feedback.  Digital media has changed that. Consumers can leave comments on blogs and review websites.  Conversations occur on social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Many attorneys view this as a distraction from the important day-to-day work.  But even in the age of digital media, consumers still prefer to do business with people they know, like and trust.  Your internet presence should help facilitate that.  Be prepared to interact with potential customers using digital media (blogs, video, social media, etc.)  Millennials who grew up with the internet prefer digital communication, so you must adapt accordingly.

Marketing and advertising are more personalized

Do you get sick of hearing the same irrelevant commercial over and over again?  We’ve all been there.  Mass advertising tries to be targeted, but it doesn’t compare to what the internet can deliver.  Consumers like finding blogs and other resources that answer their questions and help solve their problems.

You have the ability to develop marketing messages that are highly personalized.  But many attorneys shy away from this concept of content marketing, claiming they don’t have time or that it’s not effective.  This is a missed opportunity.  Every piece of digital content can help educate your market and position you as the expert.

The internet has given the consumer the power

With the ability to ignore interruptive advertising, the consumer is free to spend their time where they want to.  They conduct their own research, and use digital resources to determine the credibility of a business.

And if they’ve used the services of a business, many people are more than willing provide feedback in the form of reviews and testimonials.  When consumers are talking about your business, it’s wise to participate in the conversation.

Once you have an understanding of how the internet has changed the way law firms acquire clients, you’ll want to re-evaluate your current marketing campaigns.  Is a traditional, outbound marketing approach still the best strategy?  Or does it make sense to pursue what’s known as inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing involves building an optimized internet presence that helps attract potential customers to your website.

Every law firm is different, so make sure you periodically evaluate your marketing, and adjust your campaigns based on the data you collect.

Have more questions about law firm advertising?  Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to respond!

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