The approach that you pursue with your law firm’s Internet marketing can have a major impact on the total amount of traffic that your website receives.

This is critical because each law firm is only as successful as the number of cases that they are able to acquire. Long gone are the days when people turned to the Yellow Pages and other traditional advertising resources to find an attorney, so you must adapt to survive.

The internet gives you the ability to reach your target market more efficiently, but you need to fully understand how to take advantage of this opportunity.

To better understand how this process works, I’ve compiled three tips that have been proven to help a variety of businesses with their internet marketing, including law firms.

Improve Your Law Firm’s Internet Marketing Efforts

#1 – start a law firm blog

A critical aspect of law firm Internet marketing is maintaining a well-written blog. This content can contain keywords that people use in searches, and it also gives you the ability to position your firm as an industry leader.

Your blog articles should offer people useful information, and they should not be solely created with the intention of advertising your services.

In other words, if you are a divorce attorney, your blog posts could offer insight into what to expect during a divorce. You don’t need to give away all your knowledge or intellectual property.

But providing this type of resource will help people get the answers they need, it will drive traffic to your site and it will position you as they expert.

#2 – Become active on social media

An astounding 90% of consumers are influenced by online reviews, and you can help control the flow of information by remaining active on Facebook and other social media sites.

The Facebook reviews feature is more likely to be utilized by clients if you have an active page, and you can also interact with people by answering basic questions from your business page.

Another important thing to consider is the fact that building good rapport is one of the best ways to get repeat business, and social media allows you to harness the power of the relationship sales approach.

#3 – Offer something of value to collect contact information

Your law firm’s website undoubtedly has a “contact us” page where interested individuals can provide their email address and phone number to receive more information.

But many people are unwilling to fill out these online forms because they simply aren’t ready to talk to you.  They know they have a legal issue, but they are in the early stages of the buyer’s journey and still collecting information.

This is what they buyer’s journey looks like:


Rather than push your free consultation, you can offer something useful in exchange for their information.  For example, offering a free eBook, white paper or access to a webinar gives potential clients an incentive to provide you with their contact details.

Once you have this information, you can place them in a follow-up workflow and continue to educate them about why your law firm is the right choice for their needs.

Final thoughts

The Internet is by far the number one resource for attracting new clients, so you must embrace digital marketing if you want your law firm to reach its full potential.

Marketing techniques such as offering a white paper, regularly posting a blog and connecting with people via social media will help improve your firm’s reputation and overall Internet presence.

These techniques also fit into the inbound marketing approach to online marketing.  Inbound marketing involves attracting potential clients to your business with blogs, white papers and social media.

Once you convert visitors into leads, you continue to interact with them as they are making a decision about which law firm to hire  There is a continued emphasis on content because this helps position the firm as the expert.

As you nurture your leads, you close the clients who are the best fit for your firm. And you delight them with excellent service and establish an ongoing relationship that helps build your law firm’s brand.

Have more questions about your law firm’s internet marketing?  Leave a comment below and we’ll answer your questions!

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