As more law firms embrace digital marketing, many managing partners are beginning to understand its potential.  Building a strong internet presence allows you to reach a larger audience than say networking.

That’s because more and more consumers go to the internet when trying to solve a problem.  About 60 percent of Internet users turn to search engines to help them research purchases – and that includes legal services.  In order to capture the attention of internet users, you need to have your website in good working order, and a strategy to rank for specific keywords.

Here’s a collection of digital marketing ideas that you can implement quickly to help boost your internet presence.

23 digital marketing ideas for law firms

Website and SEO

1. Make your call to action (CTA) more visible.  For example, create a “request a consultation” button that’s prominently displayed near the top of every page.

2. Refresh your “About Us” page with updated information and new employee photographs.

3. Add customer testimonials to your site for improved credibility.

4. Use Moz local to claim business listings on directory websites, which will help with your local search ranking.

5. Refresh your site’s content with more targeted keywords.

6. Start a blog: publish articles and insight about your particular area of law.

7. Turn an FAQ page into more useful blog content.

8. Optimize your website for search engines with a review of your SEO.

9. Make sure Google Analytics is installed on your website, and set-up weekly or monthly reports on your website traffic.

10. Learn why visitors are leaving your site with CrazyEgg.

Social Media

11. Create a social media policy for your law firm, along with a social media strategy.

12. Create or update your LinkedIn profile with a professional bio.

13. Write and publish articles for LinkedIn Pulse.

14. Create social media profiles for your law firm on the most important sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

15. Invite current and past clients to follow you on social media.

16. Collect and schedule social media content using a tool like Buffer or HootSuite.

Marketing Strategy

17. Update your marketing plan to include detailed buyer personas.

18. Review your marketing budget and make sure it’s aligned with your goals.

19. Re-evaluate what marketing tools and tactics you’re using and update your strategy accordingly.

20. Create a content calendar to better manage your blogging and social media campaigns.

21. Eliminate traditional advertising campaigns that are not measurable.

22. Commit to a regular marketing schedule, perhaps two to three hours spent on marketing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

23. Incorporate inbound marketing techniques into your strategy to better align with the current way that consumers use the internet.

Most of these ideas were included because you should be able to implement them on your own, without the help of a digital marketing expert.  Some of the more technical website and SEO updates might require the assistance of a website developer, but don’t be afraid to delegate them so they are completed quickly and correctly.

Have more questions about digital marketing for law firms?  Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to respond!

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