More and more law firms are exploring how internet marketing can be an effective tool for obtaining clients.  A successful campaign should result in increased visibility and more traffic, and an improvement in the conversion of visitors into leads and then customers.

Many firms have shied away from these types of campaigns because they are unsure about the outcomes and the ROI.  Yes, there are many variables to internet marketing, but that is true of any marketing campaign whether it be print, digital, social or word-of-mouth.

Check out these common misconceptions and our thoughts on how you should approach your law firm’s internet marketing.

Misconceptions about law firm internet marketing

“Internet marketing is a quick fix for new business”

It would be great if we could press a few buttons and suddenly appear on the first page of Google. As with any marketing campaign, it will take time to achieve success.  Building an organic search presence does not happen overnight. You need to demonstrate your expertise and credibility to search engines over time.  Some campaigns can generate results faster than others (such as a pay per click campaign) but you’ll need to evaluate which approach is best for your law firm before you begin.

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“Internet marketing will never work for my law firm”

In contrast to the first misconception, many business owners have the impression that internet marketing will not work for them.  They think their business is “different” or that internet leads are always poor quality.

I challenge that thought.  There are companies who successfully use the internet to generate new business every day.  What are they doing right that you might be missing?  You can absolutely succeed with an internet marketing strategy, but as we mentioned earlier, it will take time.

“I can hire my nephew to handle my website and internet presence”

We understand that the expenses related to running a business can get overwhelming.  So many business owners are tempted to find an inexpensive solution to their marketing.  Young millennials seem like the obviously solution because “they understand Facebook and the internet.”  Yes, they have a good sense of how they internet works, but they don’t understand marketing and sales and how to build a campaign that will generate results.  This is the time to invest in hiring a professional.

“It’s impossible to find an internet marketing company I can trust”

The proliferation of marketing, SEO and website companies is overwhelming and it can be difficult to know who to trust.  Unfortunately, there are companies who make promises they can’t deliver – like getting your business to rank on the first page organically by next week!  Like we mentioned above, it takes time to earn that ranking.

But there are many reputable companies who provide excellent service and great results.  Approach this task as you would if you were hiring any other service provider.  Do your research, verify the company’s reputation and get testimonials.  Be wary if they promise amazing results that seem too good to be true.

Although internet marketing can seem complicated, don’t let that stop your from implementing a campaign.  Remember that marketing is about testing different strategies and finding the one that works best for your company.

Have more questions about your law firm’s internet marketing straegy?  Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to respond!

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