Has business been a little slow?  Do you feel like your competition is pulling ahead?  If you’re wondering how to stay competitive and continue to attract your ideal clients, then it’s time to give your marketing strategy a reboot with a digital focus.

Traditional ways to grow a law practice include networking, word of mouth referrals and perhaps a few strategically placed advertisements.  This approach has probably served your law practice well over the years.  But your marketing strategy is likely missing a strong digital component to help attract clients through your website.

Why does your law firm need a digital marketing strategy?

Fifteen years ago, a word of mouth marketing strategy was probably all you needed.  Your law firm relied on its partners to network an acquire clients.  But a lot has changed in the last few years.  Consumers used to rely on friends and family for recommendations about products and services.  But now they turn to the internet to conduct their own research.  There are reviews, tweets and blog posts available at their fingertips, and this is the information they use to make purchasing decisions.

You might be thinking “my potential clients don’t use the internet for research so that’s a waste of time.”  Well that’s a dangerous mentality to have.  According to a Google study, 54% of consumers comparison shop online.  And the U.S. Census Bureau recently reported that millennials now outnumber baby boomers.  Millennials grew up with the internet and it’s their primary source for information.

But don’t be mistaken about baby boomers!  On average, they spend 19 hours a week online.  And the internet is their top source for gathering information as well.  While building a strong network of referral partners is still a smart move, building an internet presence that helps attract, convert, close and delight clients should be a priority.

What does a complete law firm marketing strategy look like?

A lot of business owners hear the phrase “marketing strategy” and they get overwhelmed by the potential complexity of it.  Don’t let that scare you.  If your plan includes these details, then you’ve got the most important aspects covered.

Define Measurable Goals – Where are you now, and what are you hoping to achieve with your marketing?  Make sure you are both specific and measurable.

Determine Your Differentiator – With so many law firms, you need to understand what makes you different from your competition.  This should be communicated constantly.

Identify Your Target Market – You can’t be all things to everyone, so create a buyer persona for your ideal client.  Check out this blog article for more information about identifying your best clients.

Select Marketing Activities and Tools – Time and money are limited, so commit to a few campaigns that will give you the best results – i.e. blogging, video marketing, etc.  Make sure you use the platforms that will appeal to your target market.

Determine Your Timeline – If your goal is to double your business, will that take six months or nine months?  Keep your big picture goals in mind and create a timeline for both the activities above, and small wins that will get you to success.

Read more: check out our full article on creating your law firm marketing plan.

An inbound marketing strategy for your law firm

One of the biggest objections we hear about a digital marketing strategy is that they leads aren’t qualified and they are a waste of time.  That’s why we’re big proponents of inbound marketing.  Inbound marketing is a methodology that attracts potential clients to your business.  They have a specific problem, and you offer insight on how that can be solved.

As you start to earn their trust, you continue to build credibility through blog posts, white papers and other forms of content.  You nurture them through the buyer’s journey.  When they are ready to make purchasing decision, they are much more informed than the leads who were simply price shopping.

The inbound marketing methodology is quite different from traditional law firm marketing tactics, but it’s been used effectively by many firms to grow successfully.

Have more questions about your law firm marketing strategy?  Leave a comment below and let us know!

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