Writing High-Impact B2B Case Studies



Strong Case Studies Help B2B Clients With Decision Making 

Case studies are an engaging way to tell your potential customers how you can help them resolve their problems. It can be engaging end-of-funnel content if appropriately executed. They allow the readers to put themselves into the shoes of your successful customers and how they can achieve their goals.

It is a crucial element in the decision-making process for B2B companies. So, if your business caters to the needs of B2B companies, the case studies will allow them to learn how you can resolve the particular issues they are facing. Consequently, it will lead to a higher conversion rate as you can have more prospects for your business. 

The Importance of Case Studies in the Decision-Making Process

The primary objective of using case studies is to present social proof to prospects with the idea of whether they are taking the right decisions. It is an effective marketing tool that can persuade the B2B decision-maker that choosing your business can help resolve their issues.

As a result, it would give confidence to customers that you have delivered the same results in the past. You can add the quantitative and qualitative outcomes to depict your efforts.

Since B2B decision makers have shorter attention spans and little margin for mistakes, they want to ensure that the service they choose is right for them. Therefore, they want to look at the case studies to ensure that they are about to partner with the right vendor. 

What Makes a Good Case Study

You’ll only harness the potential of case studies and reap benefits through them if you write them correctly. Writing case studies requires you to follow a proper strategic plan. Here are the critical elements to keep in mind for writing a good case study.

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Follow the SOAR Approach

The ideal way to write a good and practical case study is by following the SOAR approach. It stands for the following:

Situation – The issue or circumstance that your client was facing

Opportunity – What were the chances available that you could leverage for your client

Action Taken – The plan, strategies, and actions you took to help your client with their situation

Results – The outcome of your overall efforts

 This will help you present a clear idea to your prospects of how you helped a client facing a peculiar issue. It will help them gain confidence in your services and persuade their decision-making process in your favor.

The Length

As mentioned earlier, B2B decision-makers have shorter periods. So, they might want to avoid reading through an extended case study. It is best to cover your point concisely, but you can go for long case studies depending on the audience.


You can choose a stock photo to make the case study more engaging and compelling. Ideally, you should try to add visuals that give weight to your case study. For instance, you can add graphs or tables to show the client’s growth.

Customer Testimonials

Although adding a customer’s quote or testimonial isn’t necessary, it can give an excellent touch to your case study. They are a powerful tool to show first-hand how your product helped the users. Nevertheless, you can add or remove it according to your target audience’s preference.

Writing Case Studies for Your Business

Most business owners and entrepreneurs believe that writing case studies by themselves will help add more depth to them. However, not everyone has a flair for writing to deliver the message in the right tone and professional manner.

So, although you might have a better idea about the case, you wouldn’t be able to piece it correctly, which could lead to practical results. That is why hiring a professional writer with experience crafting such documents is vital for your business.

A professional can help tell your story in the proper context to persuade B2B decision-makers to choose your services. You can partner with a reliable agency for your case study to tell about how the company has helped customers previously and can do the same for the reader.

Most importantly, experienced writers know how imperative case studies are for your marketing strategy. Therefore, they would carefully choose their words to persuade the B2B decision-makers with a compelling CTA (Call-to-action).

Your Next Steps

Writing case studies requires you to follow an extensive plan for your business. You must use the SOAR approach to tell B2B decision markets about your client’s success. Also, ensure you vary the length according to your target audience and use visuals effectively.

While it might sound like an easy task, you must pay special attention to all the aspects of the case study. So, it is best to choose a professional writer that can help you persuade your target audience.

We hope the tips above are helpful in improving your campaigns. Have more questions about partnering with an agency? Reach out to us directly.


Meet the Author

Liz Hersh is the founder of Hersh PR and Marketing, a digital marketing agency. Together with a team of marketing professionals she helps clients generate leads and increase revenue. 

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