Lead Generation for a Thermoplastic Hose Manufacturer

Our targeted SEO strategies significantly enhanced online visibility, resulting in an increase in web traffic and high-quality leads.


Increase in Monthly Web Sessions


Increase in Online Leads


Ranking Keywords

A Comprehensive SEO and Content Overhaul

The primary obstacle for our client was a limited online footprint. Their website lacked the search engine optimization (SEO) necessary to attract and engage a broader audience. The company was experiencing stagnant growth in website traffic and a plateau in lead generation.

Our approach was multi-faceted, focusing primarily on enhancing their online presence through organic SEO strategies. We began with a thorough analysis to identify lucrative keyword opportunities and gaps in their current content. This led to the development of a robust content strategy, tailored to improve search engine rankings and attract quality leads.

We revamped their website content with a focus on the new keywords, ensuring that all content was not only SEO-optimized but also resonated with the target audience. Within four months, there was a significant improvement in the company’s search engine rankings, directly attributable to our targeted content strategy.



A niche thermoplastic hose manufacturer expanded their market reach.


Through precise SEO strategies, we transformed their online presence.


Hersh PR created a custom outreach strategy that supported their sales goals.

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