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Brand Ambassadors 101

Today, more and more small business are utilizing brand ambassadors as a means of spreading the word about their products or services. A brand ambassador is an unpaid volunteer who fully believes in your company and embodies your identity and values, and wants to help promote how wonderful your business is. While they don’t get […]

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Why Marketing Decisions Should Be Data-Driven

More than ever, today it’s vital that companies understand the who, what, where, when and how of their marketing efforts. However, it’s not uncommon for a business to feel that once a marketing campaign has been even somewhat successful, those results are good enough. They may not exactly know what worked, but as long as […]

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How Long Does It Take to See Results from a Marketing Campaign?

Before a company launches a new marketing campaign of any sort, a common question we hear is “when can I expect to see results?” The answer to that question? Well, unfortunately, there’s┬áreally no simple answer. Different marketing campaigns and different audiences┬ámean different results The main reason for the reason why we can’t give a clear-cut […]

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